SOAP Vault's been studying and just got a bit smarter! 🤓

March 12, 2019 by Ryan Barichello

This week in Ontario most schools are closed for "March Break" but SOAP Vault keeps learning!  Check out the latest improvements added into SOAP Vault's cranium.
Suggested Appointment Reminders
We're not too fond of clicks, and you're probably not either.  SOAP Vault's calendar experience is now a few less clicks to book an appointment.  When you're booking for a patient, SOAP Vault will quickly look up whether they have an email address or phone number on file and pre-select their reminders accordingly.  No more unchecking and then booking!  

In addition to that, you now have a 1 click option to just "Book" or "Book & Email".  This handles the choice of notifying your patient immediately of the appointment.  You may notice that notifying the practitioner of the appointment is no longer asked, this is because the practitioner now has control over their own notification preferences in this case.  See our update from Feb 26th where we announced this.  These few adjustments will save countless clicks!

A Few More Diagrams
We've added muscle diagrams for the side of the body.  Feel free to begin tagging them immediately because SOAP Vault already knows and suggests muscles near your tagged positions.

Of course, we've also released various minor improvements and bug fixes.

Thank you!
Your SOAP Vault Team




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