Report Access, Invoice Sent Tracking and other minor improvements

February 05, 2019 by Ryan Barichello

We’ve just released a number of minor but important updates today.  

Allowing Practitioners and Assistants to view Reports

We’ve heard from you, and we have now made it possible for Practitioners or Assistants to have access to Clinic Reports.  You have the choice of allowing them access when you add or edit a Practitioner or an Assistant.

Invoice Sent Visibility

Not sure if, or when you sent an invoice or receipt?  No problem! SOAP Vault now keeps track (as of Feb 5, 2019) of the last time an invoice or receipt was emailed to a patient.  No more guessing!

There are also a number of bug fixes and usability improvements which were included in today’s update.

That’s it for now, but we have some really big updates coming soon!  We think you’re going to love it! :D

Your SOAP Vault Team


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