Duplicate SOAP Notes from Appointments - Now Available

January 16, 2018 by Ryan Barichello

Today we've released a few more updates.  

Duplicate SOAP Notes from Appointments
Duplicating SOAP notes has been a very popular feature over the years.  Creating a SOAP note from within an Appointment to keep track of which appointments had SOAP notes created is also quite popular.  Previously you only could create blank SOAP notes from an Appointment.  Now you have the option to create a new SOAP note by duplicating a recent SOAP note within an Appointment.  We know this will save you time and clicks!



Linking Existing SOAP Notes to Appointments
Sometimes you create SOAP notes but not directly from an appointment.  If you did this, then the SOAP note icon would not appear on the appointment in your calendar.  Now you have the ability to manually link a SOAP note to an appointment.  Keep in mind that the SOAP note's date and the Appointment's date must match.



Below is a list of a few other items we've released in today's update.


Thanks and happy charting!
Ryan Barichello

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