Daily Transactions Report and a bit more!

May 08, 2018 by Ryan Barichello

Only 2 weeks have passed since we launched the new billing system, and amazing feedback continues to come in! We're glad you're as excited as we are about the latest rollout of features!  Below is a summary of today's updates!

Daily Transactions Report
This report allows you to see a daily summary of transactions listed per day, and by payment method.  You can specify a date range and of course, download it to CSV for use in your favourite spreadsheet program.

Auto-Date Setting (aka, fewer clicks)
When adding a Service to an invoice, the current date is preset as the Tx Date, saving thousands of clicks per day among all the SOAP Vaulters out there!

Various Usability Improvements

Coming very soon, QuickPay!
For clinics who always receive 100% payment or simply choose to not track outstanding invoices in SOAP Vault, QuickPay is for you! In just 1-click, you will be able to pay an invoice in full using a set payment method and issue a receipt.

Best of all, SOAP Vault remains only $19/month! (yes, it's really that great of a deal!)


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