Billing updates and what to expect next 😮

April 27, 2018 by Ryan Barichello


The first of three stages of the new billing system launched earlier this week!  🚀  We know it's a big change for many clinics, but it is an important step aligning with best practices.  We've received a lot of great suggestions, and as always, are excited to see how we can include them in SOAP Vault.  

Over the next few weeks, we'll be deploying some helpful updates.  Here's what to expect:


Quick Receipts
SOAP Vault is used by sole practitioners, right up to large, multi-disciplinary clinics.  We realize that the billing updates exceed the requirements of some practices, especially clinics with clientele who always pay in full at the time of treatment.  To simplify this scenario, we will be releasing a Quick Receipt feature which will expedite the receipt process significantly.


Service Sales Report
Similar to the legacy financial report, this report will allow you to filter your service sales based on a date range, practitioner or patient.  This will include a CSV download option as well.


Products Sales
You will be able to track the sales and payments towards products.


Easily collect and track gratuity.


Many more reports are coming!  Not just billing, but patient retention, marketing and other reports on clinic key performance indicators.


Usability Improvements


We're committed to continuing to build and support an affordable service that will continue to amaze you!  Thanks for your patience during this transition, we promise the best of SOAP Vault is yet to come!   If you haven't had the chance to watch the demo on how to use the billing system, we highly recommend it.


Finally, Bambora payment processing is also coming in a few weeks.  Register your Bambora account in advance so you can use it the day it's released!


Thank you,
The SOAP Vault Team


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